How to select your Golf Clothing

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No matter what sport you play, amature or professional, there will be some rules regarding the type of clothing you should wear for any competitions. Golf is one sport where the rules governing what golf clothing you should wear go as far as dictating the style and look even if you are just playing the sport socially with your friends and colleagues.

In many other sports at the amature or club level, when you play or take part in a sport you are pretty much free to decide on what you wear, apart from some sports where there could be a requirement for some form of safety clothing. i.e Rugby, Football, Cricket and Cycling amongst many other sports.

What Should You Wear on the Golf Course

The dress code can greatly vary between clubs and quite often depending on how a club sees its status, the dress code can vary, so you must not make the mistake of going on how much it costs to play, or the cost of the club membership to gauge the type of golfing outfit you will need to wear.

It is always better to check with the club members or a member of the club committee before making any assumption on the dress code and end up making a big and possibly costly mistake. One source for the information regarding the required dress code could also be via their website if they have one, or the other alternative is to make a telephone call the the Club Office or Golf Professionals Shop.

As indicted earlier, not knowing the clubs dress code could be very costly, especially if you are a visitor, as they could just not let you play and you could loose the green fees you have paid and also all other associated costs of getting to the course etc.

Of course if the golf club has a Golf Professionals Club Shop, you could possibly purchase the required clothing, so unless you want to add to your wardrobe, the best course of action is to check first and before travelling.

Dress Codes in Golf Clubs are becoming more relaxed, as many clubs are trying to become more accessible and inclusive to a wider range of exisiting and potentially new golfers. Many golf clubs do have a general public bar or dining area and within these areas there can be a very relaxed attitude to dress code, however many of the golf clubs still insist on a more formal dress code both on the golf course and within members areas.

It is still common in many of the golf club areas and on the course that you wear a collared shirt such as a polo shirt.

One thing that can have an impact on your choice of clothins, is of course the weather. If is cold and/or wet then many golf appareal and accessory brands do have a wide range of speicalist golf base layers, jumpers, jackets, fleece and waterproof jackets for such days. These items of apparel are also designed/manufactured to allow the golf swing to move freely and they can be breathable, have anti-wicking and anti-bacterial properties to make the golfer feel more comfortable and even assist in the game of golf.

You can team these tops with specialist golf trousers that are typically available in chino-style or other technical materials, that cater for all sorts of weather from the hot summers day to the cold and wet winter mornings.

Some golf courses will allow you to wear tailored shorts and the ladies can also wear skirts or skorts that are designed and tailored for the game of golf.

Normally, it is convention to wear golf clothing with plain colours or simple patterns which normally contain a small logo or badge. However, there are some brands that are breaking the mould and have ‘loud’ and ‘bright’ patterns as well as unconventional colours. These brands are being driven by the Golf Professionals also adopting a more ‘daring’ approach to golf fashion and clothing. However, this new ‘bright’ and ‘out there fashion’ is only slowly filtering to the general amature golf club member.

It is still very common for any clothing that aligns with football and rugby shirts, round neck shirts, T-shirts, clothing with large logo’s and images to be either frowned upon or strictly not permitted in many Golf Clubs. As always and as we stated above, each and every golf club will have a different set of rules, but if you generally follow the guidelines and rules above you should have little problem in gaining access to most golf courses and club houses.

With regard to footwear most golf courses now do not allow metal spikes any more, as they can and do cause damage to the greens and golf course in general, so it is advisable to find a pair of golf shoes that have soft spikes that supply the grip you require in your golf swing. If you and you fellow golfers are intending to spend some time in the golf club bar or dining areas afterwards, always remember to take some smart or smart casual shoes to change into, there are not many golf clubs that allow sports trainers or olf footwear, even with soft spikes within the club house or bar/dining areas.

Comfort should be the first thought when considering Golf Clothes

Your comfort should be the first thing on your mind when considering what you are going to purchase and then wear on the golf course. Remeber you are going to have all types of weather thrown at you and possibly in one day!

You must also remember that golf can be less physically demanding than many other sports, so you must always make sure that your clothes fit well and allow for the required movements and body stretch of the golf swing, whist keeping you cool or warm, dry and also importantly allows your body to breath. Comfort is vital, as golf can and is a game that is really you playing against yourself mentally, so feeling uncomfortably would be just another negative that will affect your overall game. It is therefore important that when you walk on the golf course at the start of a round of golf or competition, you feel good and look great and you are in a positive ‘state of mind’ that is an important and critical part of being prepared mentally for the challenge ahead of you.

Always consider your bodies performance and wear layers that are not too bulky and you can be removed or add to easily to either keep you cool and warm as required. You also do not want clothes that are too heavy, that will unltimately have an impact on the timing and movement of your golf swing and further as you walk between golf shots heavy clothing can and will ultimately make your round of golf more tiring than it needs to be.

It can always be more important in your eyes to consder the club rules for golf dress when choosing your outfit or wardrobe, this can be a good place to start, but it is no good then not enjoying your game of golf if they are restrictive or do not make you feel great. Always make sure you make a balanced decision on your choice of apparel, clothing and accessories, above all make sure you enjoy and improve your game, whilst looking good and feeling great. After all without the club golfer we would not have the fantastic game we have and above all think of your personality and make your outfit your own obviously taking the rules into consideration.

As we say at Fayde Golf Europe – always ‘Play the Fayde and Feel the Swing‘.

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