Matt Ballard WINS in Fiji


Last week at the Suva Golf Club at the Fiji Open I shot 69-69-71-69 (Par72) 10 under total and was tied after 72 holes with a local professional.

With three days of persistent rain, the course was drenched with water. We had 3 hole aggregate playoff to decide the winner. We tied again after 3 holes by this time it was seriously dark and raining! Sudden death we went again tied our 4th extra hole. Can you believe it? Then the Committee asked us if we wanted to continue in the morning as it was so dark by this stage.  The local pro said let’s finish it now, so we went another hole (short par 3) he rushed his tee shot left of green. I hit green and he failed to get up and down I then 2 putted from 20ft in darkness for win.

I think being on holiday just prior to the event really helped me be relaxed and focused for this one. It was a great event and with all the ebbs and flows of the final day it will be remembered for quite a while come.

As the winner I have earned a start in the fiji international later in august, which is a $1 million One Asia event. So I’m definately happy about that.

I’ve now won a 4 round event in 5diff countries.
New Caledonia

So I will be staying here for another week for some smaller Pro Ams, then its back home for a week before heading to Samoa for the Samoa Open.


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